Discover how our canine friends learn

AND how to ‘speak dog’. 

Doggie Speak is for you and your best friend introducing kind and force-free ways to develop a great mutual understanding.   Your dog will learn some cool, fun ‘tricks’ that build the foundations for developing the well-mannered, fun-loving and focused companion we all want.

Learning is not just for puppies.   Older dogs love  Scenting Games – perfect for keeping the brain active and for maintaining great communication between you and your dog.

An Accompanied Dog Expedition  – very simple tactics that could be just the job –  one or two expeditions could give owners a real start to enjoying ‘walking the dog’ so much more – and with a happier dog too!

Accompanied walks are also useful for dogs that are fearful and reactive to other people, other dogs or objects that they meet, and for practising recall in the real world.  Small groups or one-to-one expeditions are catered for, as appropriate.

Sometimes a one-to-one home consultation is helpful… with support and follow up on-line. This was the route adopted with a young dog who felt it his duty to wake his owners every couple of hours throughout the night!     Here’s some feedback:

“…We have been putting in place what you suggested. We now have a pup that sleeps on his own bed from 10pm-6am ….    He’s like a different dog and we both feel so much more relaxed xx”

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