As a commitment to continuing professional development, Sue is currently studying an Advanced Certificate programme looking in depth at Canine Rescue – and has already achieved a Diploma in Canine Coaching  with Canine Principles that included: 

  • History and future of the dog
  • Canine communication
  • Dealing with common challenges
  • Puppies and adolescents
  • Professional conduct 

An alumni member of Susan Garrett’s online ‘Recallers’ programme, Sue initially learned about positive dog training when a local gamekeeper (and Pointer handler) showed her a copy of Karen Pryor’s book  ‘Clicker Training for Dogs’, and then found out more with Kay Laurence’s Learning About Dogs (achieving CAP2 level), and  with Helen Phillips at Clicker Gundog.  She has also followed useful Denise Fenzi online learning courses, and a one-day programme looking at the steps to on-lead focus with behaviourist Sarah Whitehead.  Details about any of these learning opportunities can be supplied on request.

Certification through a programme called Dog Emotion and Cognition written by Brian Hare of Duke University (author of The Genius of Dogs) meant, for Sue, an exciting study of the very special intelligence that the dog has developed as it self-domesticated from its ancestral roots.  The course is a great introduction to the concept of how dogs can learn by imitation, which many dog owners may find truly surprising.